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"Lee, his trainers, and all of the participants at Thrive Performance truly operate like a family. I've never been one for working out and this group makes it fun and easy to get in shape from the inside out. It's a place where you can truly show up as you are and there's never judgement, only encouragement! And it doesn't stop once you leave the gym. You are in constant contact with your team lead and team members making it super easy to share recipes (that are yummy and good for your body) as well as tricks to help keep you on track. Whether you're there to tone, lose one pound or 100 pounds every step is celebrated sincerely. I would 100% recommend Thrive Performance to anyone who is looking to better themselves."

-Tara T

Meet Kayla M.

"I seriously can't even begin to explain how amazing Thrive has been for me. I just moved back from Korea after 2 years, and out there I basically ate and drank everything. I ended up gaining almost 30 pounds and was not feeling confident at all. I saw the 6 week challenge on Facebook and decided to join. The trainings, support, energy and motivation here are incredible. The journey was phenomenal. I just finished my 6 week challenge and I've lost about 18 lbs. I feel amazing and absolutely love it. I recommend thrive to ANYONE wanting to better themselves mentally and physically. It's worth it."

Meet Meredith

Lee and all the trainers are great and really care about your personal success! I’ve been a member for a few years and Lee always calls me personally if I’ve been absent for a while to help get me back on track. It’s a very friendly environment with smalll classes so you’re not left on your own to figure things out and I never feel like just an anonymous number. Thanks Thrive family for helping me reach for my fitness goals!

Shirley K.

I love Thrive! They have taught me so much about eating right, supplement education, strengthening, warming up and workouts modification to fit my goals. The owner and staff are Extremely educated in what the do and teach. Never have I had better success than here.

Niccol H.

Internally, I knew it was time for a change. Lee and the THRIVE coaches sparked motivation & encouragement for me to try the 21 Day Detox Challenge. Difficult at first, but the community effort altogether is a strengthening force. Hard work pays off--Overall lost 13 pounds but most importantly I GAINED confidence & felt empowered to be my best self. Strongly advise to give this a shot. You will not regret this. The workouts, environment, and support of the THRIVE coaches & members help motivate a life changing experience.

Vic M.

Results and actual support on your long term goals.

Monique R.

Meet Kaylee

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Meet Kristy M.

"Thrive performance has been a Life changing experience. I moved to AZ at the start of this year. Instead of eating healthy and working out. I did the complete opposite. I used the excuse of being stressed with a new environment and work... to eat junk and drink every day! Once I joined thrive my whole life completely changed for the better! Thrive performance gives you the motivation you need to stay on track with not only work outs... but changing your eating habits as well.Being a part of this gyms actually makes you believe that you can make the change when you put on the work. I was apart of the 6 week bikini challenge... and lost 20lbs sticking to the gym work outs and eating habits. If you asked me 2 months ago... if I could lose that much weight... I would think you are crazy. But being apart of the family at thrive help me achieve my health goals! Highly recommend!!"

"The people and culture of this gym are like no other! I joined as a part of a 6-week challenge and have loved being a part of it. Like many people I had so many excuses as to why I wasn't at my ideal weight or making healthy exercise/eating choices: I prioritized work, felt as though I never had enough time and enjoyed unhealthy foods way too much. I am an OBGYN resident physician and spend much of my time advocating for women's health, but realized I was not doing the same for myself. I wanted to lead by example to my patients.

During the challenge I met a new, supportive group of people working towards the same goal. The classes are fun and the results are incredibly rewarding. We all hold each other accountable. In addition to the supportive community we get individualized meal plans Tonite throughout the challenege. With the help of Lee and the other trainers over the last 6 weeks I've lost 21 lbs! The difference in the way my clothes fit and how I feel have made it all worth it.

I highly recommend checking this gym out to see if it is for you!"

-Angie D

Meet Becky

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