ThriveELITE Semi Private training: Total Optimization.

If getting stronger, leaner, Optimizing your performance to a high level and bulletproofing your body then this is for you. Our ThriveELITE training utilizes a smaller, tight-knit group of no more than 4-6 people to allow for more individualized attention while still maintaining the energy of the group dynamic. Your team supports each other and all levels are celebrated.

All Thrive ELITE personal training clients benefit from:

  • An designated personal coach


  • Program designed JUST FOR YOU and your individual needs


  • A fitness and lifestyle assessment and goal setting session


  • Diet analysis with custom nutrition plan and ongoing support


  • FREE HRM activity belt


  • Weekly coaching calls to keep you focused on track


  • Monthly performance evaluations

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ThriveFIT Group Training: A community of support.

Our unique group training program is uniquely designed to reshape your body and burn maximum Fat FAST. Using only 3 x 45 min training sessions a week to maximize calorie burn and increase your metabolic rate during and upto 36 hrs after.

Whether you've been working out for a long time or just starting out, ThriveFIT is
a scalable program that is perfect for anyone. 

In these training sessions, clients work in groups of 10-20 people (on average)
following a certified coach who demonstrates, instructs and motivates you
through 45 mins of training.  

You’ll see great results and just as important have fun doing it.
You will see fat loss in only 3 x week with our Metabolic training sessions.
You will become strong and slim, have more energy and just feel amazing.

Boost energy, reduce stress, sleep better have better relationships with your

Train hard.  Get fit.  Become your best self.

Whether it's semi-private training or group fitness classes, Thrive provides the environment, the expertise, and the support you need to live your healthiest lifestyle.  


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